Proactive CCTV Maintenance in Sussex, London & South East

Brighton CCTV Installations

Your property, assets, and people could be at risk if your CCTV systems are not operating properly.

We ensure your CCTV systems are working when you need them most, by remotely checking them for faults and operational issues 24/7.

Our unique maintenance monitoring solution automatically detects and reports issues to us as they happen, so service visits can be targeted when needed.

Why should I have Proactive CCTV Maintenance?

Traditional annual maintenance is not effective in ensuring your CCTV systems are operating correctly at all times. By monitoring the status of your CCTV systems 24/7, issues are detected and reported automatically to our service team, they can be resolved before they become critical.

How does it work?

Our maintenance monitoring solution connects to each CCTV system and retrieves diagnostic and operational information 24/7, detecting common problems such as:

  • Connection and network issues.
  • Camera failures and tampering.
  • Hard Disk failures.
  • Recording issues.
  • Time accuracy, and more.
  • Issues are detected automatically.
  • Checks carried out 24/7.
  • Targeted service visits.
  • Reduced system downtime.
  • Daily system status reports.
  • Live status web page view.

Why Proactively Maintain your CCTV?

When a CCTV system develops a fault, is vandalised or tampered with, it could be weeks or months before it is discovered, and then often only after a critical incident has taken place.
Proactive Maintenance from Brighton CCTV ensures each of your CCTV systems is checked every hour of every day to ensure it is operating as expected.

Contact us for more information about our unique Proactive Maintenance solution 01273 782 323.